Using Mobile Billboards to Get Your Message Out

People often ask "What do mobile billboards do? Do you just drive around?". Well, drive around indeed we do, but we work with every client to strategize the best locations and the best times to be on the road. Sometimes this means sticking to primary roads and highways that are heavily trafficked, but if your objective is to target persons at particular business or address, we are able to do so. The importance of mobile billboards are their time and geographic versatility. We can move your advertisement between lunch hour and rush hour; to special events and busy shopping areas. We target your audience where they work, shop, play and commute.

Running a mobile billboard campaign requires several elements for success. First, you need the best sign possible- a sign that grabs attention and motivates action. Second, you need to plan your location(s). Fortunately, because we are almost always in motion, we can target several addresses in a single day. Lastly is timing. As this fits in with our marketing strategy with location, it is important to plan the right place, right time, right sign. Get more information from DC Mobile Ads at or call us direct at (703)372-SIGN.